"Lie Better" is an attention-grabbing, three-minute gem of a pop song that will have you hooked in just one listen."    - SoundThread Music Blog

"Cleveland band Rule of Young formed when two young professionals needed a creative break from their days jobs. Catherine Calabrese, an accountant, and Dr. Nico Conti, an MD, bonded over a love of music that eventually led to their indie-pop collaboration." [read full feature here]

"This song is gonna be BIG...Their unique brand of infectious and hard-hitting pop will make you a fan of their work in no time! The song is a masterclass in composition. The layers of harmonies and rich instrumentation shines through beautifully. Calabrese’s vocals are sublime and filled with rich emotion and grit. There is rhythm created from each of the instruments and this drives the song along...The production on this single is excellent. It has been produced by Jim Wirt and 1800-SOS and you can hear the quality instantly. The opening acoustic guitar has had its (notoriously difficult to capture) sweet spot nailed. The panning of the instruments creates space but also rich and deep layers of texture throughout. It is simply blissful."    - FV Music Blog

"With an acoustic backbone and tech drums, the verses are fine but the chorus is the real star. Catherine Calabrese’s voice soars with a pop melody that sounds both extremely family and completely new. “Lie Better” is one hell of an ear worm." - Surviving the Golden Age: 

"Lie Better” is a savoury soup of melancholy, ethereal harmonies and electric hybrid of live and synthetic instrumentation that can be fully appreciated with every repeated listen....The heart-rending track features a pulsating guitar spotlight stealing melody, beaming synths that illuminates Calabrese’s tender vocals full of longing and surrender... With every listen to this track, you hear the tangled sound textures and gooey notes that will stick in your mind providing an exhilarating journey." - Screen Reels [read full article here]


"It can sometimes be hard to combine female and male vocals on a song but Rule of Young seem to achieve amazing mixture of both vocals. Having a lead male and female vocalist really works for this group - this kind of chemistry in music rarely happens and is hard to find.

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the vocals in this song - as well as the piano, bass and other instruments that some people seem to forget in the background... But I certainly don't ever forget. I also think this song could be a huge success within nightclubs (with a bit of remix). I can imagine myself dancing to this, with a couple of drinks in me - not caring if people are watching.

Rule of Young are certainly a group to look out for and I will be keeping an eye out. Such a talented group with a bright future ahead of them."   Thomathy Entertainment

"Relatively fresh on the scene, the Cleveland pop trio make quite the first impression with a stunning tune defined by graceful blended harmonies, solid writing and a calm leisurely melody that pulls in the listener with little difficulty."      - Small Music Scene

...“Surrender” features instrumental talent as well as female and male split vocals. In just a month the single has amassed nearly 40,000 streams on Spotify and it is easy to hear why. “Surrender” is defined by infectious vocal melodies accented with tasteful string lines and superior drumming on top of a beautiful grand piano."    - Musiplug

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